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We are going to build a special online bookstore. through which people can understand the importance of reading and benefits of Reading.
We as a nation have become victims of unconsciousness.
The only reason for this is distance from books.
When people stop reading books, their mental development stops and they become narrow-minded.
To end this disease of being narrow minded and for conscious evolution in the country of Pakistan,
we have created a bookstore online website named “”.
Through which we will deliver books all over Pakistan through TCS service.
Come support us. Carry forward this mission and make books reading a hobby.
Promote books and Highlight the importance of books For everyone.


Our aim is that hard copies of books are read with pleasure like before.
In the same way, importance of real books Hard Copies should be restored again.
We are trying our best to deliver the books to your doorstep.
Our first duty will be to ensure that we provide best service of Delivery through TCS.
There Should not be any obstable in reaching the books to you.

Huzaifa Ishaq

Telefon: +92-3450345581
Chowk Fawwara,
Multan, 60000, Punjab



Huzaifa Muhammad Ishaq. (Owner)